Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, New Model Of The Modern Audio System.

viso1 speaker

The stylish and high – powered waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker can play music through the different music devices (particularly through the iPod, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices). These modern audio speakers can amaze you by their powered and clear sounds and fashionable design, which lets this speaker blend with any interior. These Bluetooth speakers were created for people who like to listen to the music through the iPod / iPhone and other devices. They let everybody listen to favorite music through the compact music player, which can have the high quality of sound.

In this article you can make acquaintance with the review of the new modern audio waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker Viso 1, which is produced by the NAD Company. Paul Barton (who is the guru in the high qualitative speakers’ creation) played the active important role in the producing of this speaker’s model. Finally Viso 1 model has as balanced, detailed and realistic sound as the normal complex stationary audio system has.

Bluetooth speaker Viso 1 has several important advantages. For example it can play the musical material into the “native” digital form, avoiding several transforms of the signal before its amplification. Another important feature is the realization of the innovative technology of the digital amplification NAD Direct Digital, which is needed for full audio system’s potential.

Viso 1 is quite compact. Also it is very easy to install all the system for working. You just have to switch the device on with the feeding cable, fix the musical player or mobile phone, choose the necessary source (Bluetooth / Optical) and choose the musical composition. Also you can control the volume level and switch on / off the playing.

Owing to the built – in Bluetooth module for Viso 1 can play audio files through every device, which is available for Bluetooth technology. For example it is the average mobile phone or smartphone with the Android / Windows Phone operational system. Viso 1 model has the digital optical input where it is possible to feed a powerful signal from the modern media player, media server or even Blu – Ray player. The standard audio signal can be fed from the CD – or DVD – player.

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Viso 1 model’s technical features:

1)      Special cradle for iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch devices which can let you turn your device for its vertical or horizontal position.

2)      The high qualitative codec for wireless music playing through the Bluetooth devices.

3)      Optical digital input.

4)      Direct digital input.

5)      Direct digital amplification.

6)      Digital view of the data transmission.

7)      Component video output.

8)      USB – socket.