Waterproof iPod speakers are the useful devices which can let you take your music with you all the time in spite of rain.

waterproof ipod speakers

The waterproof iPod speakers let users link up iPod to them directly and play music not through the ear – phones socket but through the special player’s socket. Let’s talk about one type of these sockets.



portable ipod speaker waterproof and shockproof

This speaker’s ordinariness is its advantage and disadvantage at the same time. There are not a lot of buttons on the front panel, so you will have to control all navigation through iPod. But it is not too difficult and I think that it will be easy for us to get into this way. Also you don’t need read the special speaker’s manual, because you just have to link the speaker up and that’s all – now you can enjoy your favorite music. In this respect Hercules speakers have something in common with the iPod players: they both are very minimalistic, original and stylish. Another Hercules speaker’s advantage is the fact that it can be the additional threading device for iPod even if this speaker is played off.

Who can enjoy this speaker? May be someone who likes to organize the small parties or someone who doesn’t what to leave the favorite music at home will enjoy it very much, because all these people will never regret if they buy it. Hercules speakers will be indispensable for the nature parties and camping owing to their special waterproof body, so even the rain can’t be the problem for the good music!

Now let’s talk about another representative of the iPod speakers. Attract your attention to the Altec Company.

Altec Company is popular for their iPod and iPhone devices. Altec Company’s another novelty is the  portable Altec Lansing T612. As for their characteristics it is important to say about high – powered neodymium loud speakers, XdB technology and the special socket which can let you use these speakers not only with iPod, iPhone and other Apple Company’s devices (of all the generations) but also with other audio devices. It is easy to order this device at the special sites or online shops.

Now it is turn of the last device in this article. This device is Nad Viso 1. Let’s begin the review!

Nad Viso 1

Nad Viso 1 is the stylish and high – powered audio speaker for playing music through the iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and any other device which can use the Bluetooth system. This modern speaker has the coolest clear sounds and very stylish design, Also it has the special waterproof body, that’s why it will be silly for you to worry about it if the rain begins. Forget about it and enjoy this atmosphere with your favorite player, favorite fashionable iPod speaker and your favorite music!