The funny waterproof speaker iDuck for your shower room.

iduck waterproof speaker


It is very nice to come home after the long working day and to have a rest in the hot or warm bath listening to the favorite melodies and songs, isn’t it? But if you don’t prefer listening to the music through the eye – dynamics or the musical center, which stands in the living – room too far from the bath – room, you will like this special dynamic! It is the waterproof speaker for shower iDuck! It can swim near you in the bath. It has something in common with some moments of almost every person’s childhood, when your reliable companion was the rubber duckling.

Really the swimming device iDuck can help you to forget about the age and present you a lot of satisfying time during this pleasant procedure. As for the device, it is the small attractive duck with the waterproof body (its size is 12 х 10,5 х 10 cm). It is connected through the wireless communication to the transmitter, and this transmitter is connected with any working audio system. It can be iPod, iPhone, portable laptops or the ordinary stationary computer, which are usually disposed at the safe distance from the water.

For the feeding of this funny Duck you need seven batteries AAA. The iDuck’s important feature is the absence of the necessarily to customize some settings. Another feature is the FM – radio, which is built in the device. It can let you be in the curse of the last news owing to its scanning. The working diapason of the iDuck device is about 10 meters.

So, if you can spend the money without any regretting, you will be able to have the unique opportunity to swim in the bath with the rubber duck.

Of course you can use  iDuck not only in the shower or in the bath – room, because in the end it is the average simple type of funny dynamics. But the most probably you will never use it in other rooms, because only one room which can be the place where this rubber iDuck device is the children’s room.
This device consists of 2 elements: “the egg” is transmitted the iPhone or the iPod to the funny iDuck with the built – in dynamic (which also can change the color). If you like different toys and things, you can use this device outside the bath – room anyway. But it has to be normal for other people who live with you in the flat. Although in my point of view this originality is usually excellent in our modern life. I think, there will be a lot of people who wants to buy it and try to use it in their bath – rooms. Another pleasure fact is the price. It is quite cheap, it costs only 25 dollars, so you can buy or order it without any problems.

This speaker can make any person glad. It also can sing the lullabies, and this device’s sound quality is better than the primitive sounds of the standard toys.

The last iDuck’s feature from this review is the most important. This device can be connected to any player or the musical device except of the iPod and iPhone.

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