Small Size, Big Sound!

small outdoor speakers

Speakers are electronic items that are used to produce sounds. They are typically located in large indoor areas such as the living room, studio, and home theatre room. This is done to maximize the sound that they produce leading to a fuller and more immersive experience. Outdoor areas, on the other hand, prove to be a different task since there are no walls on which the sounds will bounce off. Speakers used for the outdoors should also be strong enough to withstand water, heat, and other environmental forces. Modernization lead to the creation of speakers that produce a strong sound while at the same time being weather-resistant. Here are a few tips in selecting the best small sized outdoor speakers.


            The brand is the very first thing that should be looked at when purchasing outdoor speakers and any other electronic items for that matter. Branding usually determines the quality of the item, the warranty that comes with the item, and the life span of the item. For small speakers, branding is very important since the speakers are always subjected to the forces of nature. The more popular brands will, more often than not, be able to last longer than those of the less popular brands.

Driver Size

            In speakers, the driver refers to the part of the speaker that converts electrical energy to sound energy. Theoretically, a larger driver size indicates that a larger sound is produced. This is especially important in outdoor areas since the sound should be strong enough to be heard in the entire outdoor area. Drivers for outdoor speakers should also be completely isolated from the exterior of the speakers so that they would not come into contact with water. Mini speakers would benefit tremendously from a large driver size coupled with minimal sound distortion. This combination would produce a strong sound without compromising the sound quality.


            The two factors listed above will not always produce the best speakers. Reviews are always reliable when looking for items since they come from an individual’s personal experiences from using an item. Buyers, however, should be able to discern whether a review is factual or not since some companies hire people to create positive reviews for their products. If a buyer is unable to do so, he/she should turn to popular reviewers such as Engadget since these reviewers bring nothing but straight facts.