If you don’t want to stay home at the raining day, take your player with you! Owing to waterproof portable speakers it is possible!

Waterproof Portable iPod Speaker


However there are a lot of opinions which contend that these waterproof portable speakers can’t boast of the qualitative sounds because they can’t realize the good MP3 player’s or CD player’s potential in full measure. But you have to understand that it is not so easy to dispose all the elements in the portable device without defects and different interferences.

The usual portable speakers have the next technical characteristics: the output power, the presence of the lineal inputs and outputs, the systems of noise elimination, the number of channels and the additional regulators. The speaker’s design and exploitation features are important too. However only the output power can designate to the volume and the sound’s quality, that’s why you have to attract your attention to the output power’s characteristics.

Ntech Company represented the portative decision for the qualitative sounds lovers. It is the  - Ufolog. These speakers’ main feature is the compatibility with all the types of MP3 players, mobile phones with the standard socket (3,5 mm), portable computers and other digital devices.

ufolog speaker

Ufolog can work through the electricity or with 4 batteries or even with the USB cable. All you have to do is to link up the device to the sound source with the special cable of the lineal input. This procedure is quite short (about half of the minute). Also it doesn’t demand any additional software.

The one of the British online shops represented the stylish  speaker - SplashTones. It is the universal decision for using at home or in the street, at the country or during the calm walking. This speaker has the elegant waterproof body in its equipment. This speaker can be linked up to the mobile phone, MP3 player or CD player, iPod, computer or any other gadgets which can read the audio files. This speaker can work without any cables and wires. It can be disposed for 50 meters far from the signal’s source. Owing to this feature this device can receive the signals even through the walls, for example if you are outside the house and your device is inside the house.

splashtone speakers

You can order this SplashTone speaker through the Internet or buy it in the special shops. It costs about 186 dollars.

Another gadget for the lovers of the extreme rest is the portative speakers Philips Shoqbox. This device has the strong waterproof body. Owing to the Bluetooth technology it can link up any compatible device, for example the smartphone, tablet or the personal computer. The built accumulator can let you use this device for about 8 hours of autonomic mode. You can control this gadget through the special sensor, which is disposed in the top part of the device. You can turn the tracks only with your finger’s movement. You can buy these speakers with its inexpensive price of 180 dollars.

How to Waterproof your Portable Speaker: