Audio Systems for Boats!

marine audio systems

Water and electronic items are not compatible with one another since water short-circuits electronic items and completely renders them unusable. However, advancements in technology paved the way for electronic items to work even when placed in water-laden places. This is exactly the case for marine audio systems in boats. Boats use a different kind of sound system compared to the standard sound system in the sense that they have a certain level of tolerance to water. However, not all of these are the same, with some audio systems proving to be way better than others. Listed in the following paragraphs are tips that will help in deciding what specific marine sound system to buy.

Sound Quality

            The primary hindrance of any sound system in the open seas is the noise created by the wind, the water, and the boat’s engine. Sound quality determines the degree of clarity of the music as well as the speaker’s threshold in sound before the music becomes cracked. Sound quality should be the primary reason for selecting a marine audio speaker in order to maximize the enjoyment of music while in the water. Sound quality will also allow a higher volume that would help in hearing the music in the open seas.

Degree of Water Tolerance

            The degree of water tolerance is self-explanatory and should be present in all audio systems. The difference in degree of water tolerance stems from the construction of the audio system as well as its rating. Water-resistant sound systems are capable of functioning even under rainy conditions but will cease to function when submerged in water. On the other hand, waterproof marine stereos have a certain degree of survivability that still allows them to function even after being submerged underwater for several minutes.

Build Quality

            Build quality determines the longevity of the marine audio system. Build quality also determines the protection that the sound system has against water. It should be remembered that this systems are always subjected to water and therefore should have the best build quality. Normally, build quality is determined by the brand of the audio system. Notable brands such as Polk, JL Audio, and Pioneer ensure maximum build quality for their stereos. The materials used in constructing the audio system also falls under this category. Materials that are used to create this kind of device usually consists of stainless steel metal and its derivatives although high-grade plastic can also be used.